January 2018


What is there left to say about someone who has won every single major ocean race that he has entered to date, including the previous TJV, the Route du Rhum and the 2012 Vendée Globe. On his current solo round-the-world record attempt Gabart passed the Cape of Good Hope on his 100ft Ultim Macifmore than one hour more quickly than the 140ft Banque Pop V managed with 14 crew onboard during her successful Jules Verne run
 Why they won
‘Do we even need to say why?’ – Simon Jackson; ‘François est fabuleux’ – Michelle Fourgereau; ‘From Minis to Monsters, always François inspires us and succeeds at every turn’ – Lincoln Rowley; ‘My little friend Gabart is an incredible sailor, the Vendée Globe, the TJV, the Transat Bakerly, the Rhum and I am sure any second a new round-the-world singlehanded record’ – Yoann Richomme; ‘He wins at everything he touches’ – Erik de Jong; ‘François est le roi’ – Laure Galley; ‘And he is a really nice guy!’ – Chris Rydzkowski.