January 2017


The best of the best, the competitors in the Vendée Globe. This is the 66-year-old American skipper’s 2nd Vendée, but he is nominated for his brilliant work developing a full schools’ programme that uses his race to educate, not just about the ‘usual’ things, like cleaner oceans, but with a complete school curriculum, all pre-packed for teachers and ready to download and dial-in. A teacher by vocation, Rich is also a Harvard and MIT double graduate... it shows
 Why they won
‘Doing the hardest race again for all the right reasons’ – Win Fowler; ‘Cool, calm and knowledgeable about pretty much everything, these adventures of his motivate many, many others, the old as well as the young!!!’ – Tom Robinson; ‘To undertake the most challenging sailing race in the world at the age of 66, and then to take one million kids around with you… just wow!’ – Les Richter; ‘Love all of the work he does for education, plus how he is pushing himself at his age… an inspiring man’ – Charles McCaffrey.