January 2010

Francisco Lobato (POR)

His grandfather rescued the Jolie Brise from rotting into the mud and from day one Francisco has been deeply immersed in a lifelong relationship with the sea. This talented and hungry young Portuguese sailor already has several top Mini 6.50 results under his belt but the way he is harrying the more exotic prototype fleet in the current Mini Transat race on his standard production Pogo 2 is remarkable…
 Why they won
With sincere thanks to Frederico de Melo, who told us all along… Long tipped as a future star, Lobato’s stunning result in the Mini Transat earned him a new record number of votes – nearly 2,000 – this month. ‘Keep a close eye, he will be the best offshore sailor ever’ – Filipe Neto; ‘Francisco really is the special one’ – Ana Lima; ‘Remember he was taking his degree at the same time as he was sailing his Pogo faster than most of the prototypes’ – Miguel Allen.