February 2020


Finn gold medallist in 2000, gold medallist in the Star in 2008 then a silver medal in 2012, two-time Star world champion, now Artemis CEO, Percy has added the 2019 Star Sailors League Final to his glittering resumé. Not surprisingly, Percy spent minimal time in the Star after the death of his close friend and Star crew Andrew Simpson in the Artemis capsize in 2013, so this result was all the more impressive against an extraordinary array of the world’s greatest sailors
 Why they won
‘Perce is back!’ – Ben Nicholls; ‘Respect, Zen Master’ – Krawczyk Ryszard; ‘An outstanding sailor and sportsman’ – Alvaro Marinho; ‘An absolute gent and a total legend’ – Andy Hazell; ‘Mate!!!’ – Steve Mitchell; ‘Iain has the best technical knowledge out there and is a top human being’ – Romain Ingouf; ‘Fitting result’ – Tom Burnham; ‘Fantastic sailor and since London has also proved a great leader’ – Tom Lofstedt; ‘Class performance in the best fleet in the world’ – Blue Robinson; ‘Truly a classy act, all smiles, a lot of grit and he gives a great victory speech’ – Carol Cronin; ‘But he did nick my bacon sandwich’ – Bryn Vaile.