February 2018


The popular German slipped into 2nd place in the Mini Transat when it mattered, just a day out from the finish. No one was going to catch winner Ian Lipinski; ‘best of the rest’ was all that was realistically on offer, but after years of under-funded Class40 and Imoca campaigns Riekers had at last landed in a fleet where he can demonstrate his talent. With a little good fortune maybe he can even leverage this result into something bigger (again)
 Why they won
‘What a big honour to be nominated. When I was young Seahorse was my bible; so come on, guys, vote for me if you like me and if you do not like me then you are welcome to vote for me too’ – Jörg Riechers! ‘Give him a good budget and he will bring fresh air into every singlehanded class’ – Patrik Mas; ‘Bravo, Jörg, be successful with your rebuilt Imoca’ – Sylvie Viant; ‘Wunderbar, wunderbar’ – Pierre Louis Attwell; ‘Passion and love for sailing plus that belief that things can always happen!’ – Doerte Dahm.