February 2011

Gus Miller (USA)

‘For a couple of decades I have been telling my body, just get me through this [regatta] and I’ll quit… I came in from today’s practice race [at the windy 2010 Gold Cup in San Francisco] and my body told me I’d lied.’ At 75 years of age the legend of US Finn sailor Gus Miller just continues to grow. Always quotable and as passionate about ‘his’ class as he was back in the 1960s, we don’t expect to be talking retirement any time soon
 Why they won
‘We need more like Gus, he has done so much’ – Cam Lewis; ‘Still always there to help, I thought he was old in the 1970s!’ – Brian Todd; ‘An awesome sailor and a great man’ – Freddy Loof; ‘Watching him in 30kt in San Francisco… amazing, long overdue’ – John Doerr; ‘Even among the Finn legends Gus stands tall’ – Fritz Mueller; ‘A finer man cannot be found’ – Joyce Andersen; ‘Sailing out to the Gate and back for fun in 25kt, incredible’ – Lauri Vinsalu.