December 2011

Jose Cusi (ESP)

It’s been quite a ride as Spain’s most famous sailing team secures the dock lines for the final time. The Bribón programme has been a tale of constant renewal, with countless different new designs launched to keep on top of the latest competitive demands. Very significantly, it was Cusi and Bribón’s decision to curtail IMS campaigning in favour of the ‘new-fangled’ TP52 that ensured that class’s subsequent MedCup success
 Why they won
Wow, some postbag. ‘A sailing legend and really the best owner’ – Pedro Campos; ‘Just a fantastic man’ – Dean Barker; ‘The best guy I’ve sailed with’ – Alberto Viejo; ‘The best!’ – Alejandro Varela, Pachi Rivero and numerous others; ‘The Bribón team will be sorely missed’ – Ian Walker; ‘The biggest sailing supporter in the Med’ – Hartwell Jordan; ‘40 years at the top, José deserves this award’ – Iker Martínez; ‘Spanish sailing owes you a lot’ – Nacho Postigo.