December 2010

Piet Vroon (NED)

Is there a bigger supporter of offshore racing anywhere in northern Europe? With I a series of immaculately turned-out yachts, Piet Vroon has long been one of the most familiar figures at just about every race held around the English Channel and North Sea. He often wins too; plus commissioning one of the raciest of IRC racers as you move into your 80s also tells you a great deal about this understandably popular skipper
 Why they won
Even discounting those of you who multiple voted (naughty) it was a new record. 'Sailing on Tonnerre, I am the happiest girl on earth' - Anna-Maria Renken; 'It must be Piet' - Stuart Quarrie; 'And he still wants to race every single day' - Hans Zuiderbaan; 'Piet almost invented the sport' - Henk Glazener; 'Keep on sailing, keep on sailing!' - Coen Horrevoets (brother); 'Such a worthy nominee' - Donal McClement; 'And he visits his boat every day!' - Ed Camerlink.