August 2020


‘Now I am calm,’ said the 47 year old Argentine navigator after sailing his 29-footer alone from Madeira to Mar del Plata at 24 hours’ notice when he heard the imminent lockdown would prevent him visiting his father and mother, aged 90 and 82 respectively. Ballastero suffered a big knockdown off Brazil; now he says that ‘I’ll buy three chickens, plant a garden and make it quietly through the winter with the old people. I want to be with my family…’
 Why they won
On the left in the picture: ‘This adventure is just a glimpse of Juan Manuel’s life’ – Alfaro Guerrez; ‘An extraordinary son who crosses the Atlantic alone to be with his 90-year-old father (far right) on Father’s Day, every mother would vote for him!’ – Paula Marya; ‘A wonderful attitude, facing the pandemic madness just as a real sailor should’ – Juan Pablo Fregonese; ‘I’m so proud of my dear friend’ – Matias Talamonti; ‘Chapeau, Captain’ – Matias Bonora.