August 2019


About time we put up one for the guys behind the scenes… Lyne must surely now have the best record in big boat coaching in the world? (Letters, please) A string of TP52 success with Quantum Racing plus Maxi72, Melges 24 and Farr40s titles, he is now head coach at the New York YC’s Terry Hutchinson-led American Magic Cup challenge. This former Finn and Flying Dutchman sailor – bit big now, lad – is also a Pom by birth. Should never have let him go
 Why they won
‘Whitby’s finest!’ – Jim Turner; ‘I’m proud to have sailed with him’ – Alexis Petter; ‘Big Jim brings another level to post-race analysis’ – Paul Goodison; ‘Great to see the credit that is long overdue for coach James’ – Terry Hutchinson; ‘James has quietly carried teams to the podium then lets them stand in the limelight’ – Ray Wulff; ‘Absolute guru, wonderful human’ – Phil Armstrong; ‘The super coach and a super guy’ – Adrian Stead; ‘You are our American promise’ – Brooke Cunningham; ‘Best coach ever’ – Dave Jarvis; ‘He’s also an amazing gentleman’ – Carol Tillman. ‘Lad’s done well since he got that first Topper…’ – Nick Lyne.