August 2018


Taking it for the team. Much as we’d like to put the whole lot of them up here we had to pick one member of Dongfeng who we feel sums up everything that is special about the winners of the 2017-18 Volvo Race and Chen ‘Horace’ Jinhao feels like a good fit. Dongfeng’s performance in the previous race was remarkable, from complete newbies to almost winning at their first attempt. Now they’ve pulled it off. And what an amazing result this is for the sport
 Why they won
‘Horace!’ – Fabien Delahaye; ‘Horace!!’ – Marie Riou; ‘Horace!!!’ – Andy Tourell; ‘Horace!!!!’ – Neil Graham (Albert); ‘Horace!!!!!’ – Stu Bannatyne; ‘Horace!!!!!!’ – Bruno Dubois; ‘Sailing’s future, he shares his passion with the sailing school for kids he created in Shenzhen and still has time to promote good waste management at home!’ – Guillaume Semblat; ‘The nicest and hardest-working sailor I have ever met’ – Cyrille Douillet; ‘What Horace, Wolf and Black did is incredible, never been offshore to winning the Volvo!’ – Sally Monkman; ‘I was training Horace on the Figaro and he is a very good sailor’ – Gildas Morvan.