August 2011

Brad Van Liew (USA)

You can only beat those you race against and in Brad Van Liew’s case beat them he has. In fact, Van Liew has executed a very polished job in dominating the small Velux 5 Oceans line-up, with a good enough programme that some are pressing the popular singlehander to roll straight into the Vendée Globe. That, however, is a very different ball game requiring a very different boat. As well as a hell of a lot more money
 Why they won
Finn sailing legend Richard Hart made the early running but once Uncle Sam starts rolling… ‘Brad was doing a perfect job, until he sailed right into a nice storm this morning’ – Walt Lane; ‘inspired, communicative and not a bad sailor’ – Piers Williams; ‘Class act’ – Matt Sole; ‘One tough dude’ – Luiz Kahl; ‘Full noise or no noise’ – Anne-Marie Hasselbalch; ‘We’re not great with solo sailors here, so he done good’ – David Gruver (USA); ‘Blazing!’ – Alan Andrews.