August 2007

Dave Ullman (USA)

61 years old he may be but the former 470 whizz and successful (very) Californian ­sailmaker showed the way round in this year’s tough and windy Melges 24 world championships sailed in the fabulous big waves of Santa Cruz. In second place going into the final big wind race, Ullman watched series’ leader Brian Porter capsize and coolly dropped his chute to ensure a safe finish and lock up another world title
 Why they won
‘Well done, Dad... when I’m 61 I hope to be lying on a tropical beach! I’m very proud of you’ – Jacob Ullman; ‘One of the most talented sailors in the world... and one of the nicest’ – Dave Kellogg; ‘Dave represents the very best about sailing’ – Brian Hutchinson; ‘Hell, of course I hope Dave wins, I was crewing him!’ – Brent Ruhne; ‘One of the glories of my career was rounding the top mark at the 470 Worlds in Cascais in 1982 overlapped inside Dave, then bearing off hard to get low to escape the discomfort of his intense gaze... Well done, Dave, age over beauty every time!’ – Fred Melo.