April 2020


First off, give the photographer a break here; he was in a cold liferaft 20nm from the Australian coast after surviving the capsize of a 40-foot yacht in pitch darkness in 30-40kt of wind. That they had a liferaft to get into was primarily due to Charalambous’s courage in taking off his lifejacket after swimming out from under the upside-down yacht, then swimming back into it again to recover the liferaft stuck down below
 Why they won
‘I was there, thanks, mate’ – Chris Astill (seen with Christian (right) a week later); ‘The kind of guy you want to go to sea with, the selflessness he displayed allowing the skipper to keep his hair dry means he gets my vote’ – Simon McLean; ‘What a brave young man’ – Amalina Wallace; ‘Christian saved lives, sorry Luca, next time’ – James Kozanecki; ‘Pure guts’ – Tony Palmer; ‘Not sure I’d have done it…’ – Peter Hill; ‘Nicest bloke you’ll ever meet’ – James Chevy; ‘Terrifying!’ – Brad Wynne.