April 2017


For many years now Callahan has led the USA National Disabled Sailing Program and in 2016 the organisation had its best year ever, wracking up impressive statistics in both attendance and access. With three different venues, last year the initiative put through 1,410 disabled adults and 1,303 disabled children… and has now secured the use of no fewer than 406 different boats. Callahan’s team must have some kind of sales pitch as well…
 Why they won
‘A humble man who has changed the lives of so many’ – David Evans; ‘Paul embodies everything positive about sailing, how could he not get my vote?’ – Pete Foley; ‘Paul has meant the world to so many adaptive sailors’ – Michael Esposito; ‘A high-integrity leader and the ultimate role model’ – Liz Burn; ‘A remarkable man wholly worthy of this honour’ – Jenny Zaccara; ‘And your boys are so handsome!’ – Kimberly Toomey Duff; ‘For over a decade now Paul has been quietly making this sport better’ – Carol Cronin.