April 2003

Ernesto Bertarelli (SUI)

While some dismiss him as just another billionaire, this couldn't be farther from the truth in describing Ernesto Bertarelli. He was unique among syndicate heads in the Louis Vuitton series for having an active role as navigator onboard Alinghi ; as a helmsman he won the 2001 Farr 40 World Championship; and as a pit man he helped Russell Coutts get to the Finals in the·2002 Swedish Match Cup. All this by 37 ... Could the Auld Mug be next on the list?
 Why they won
Looked easy it wasn't. Give some thought to how many wealthy individuals have tried to win the America's Cup over 152 years without success. But remember too that Bertarelli is also a talented, enthusiastic and successful sailor. Good enough to warrant a place as a navigator at the °2003 America's Cup. That and his proven management skills made the difference. Nor was our own little contest easily won - Key West organiser Peter Craig deservedly won enormous support for his success, also in a field where many others strive without notable success. 'Peter has provided the most bang for the sailor's buck – and that is what keeps them coming back: said John Winder.