Neo 570c
Bari-based Neo Yachts has followed the success of the 400 and 350 with its most audacious reach yet for the edge of the racer cruiser envelope. The Carkeek designed Neo 570c is targeting the performance of a modern TP52 with the comforts of a cruising design.

‘A tireless and elegant supporter of sailing’ – Dawn Riley; ‘And not a bad driver either’ – Scott Nixon; ‘Slam dunk. Awesome sailor, awesome advocate of sailing, awesome person’ – Terry Hutchinson; ‘There’s many things he’s done to support sailing that we know about, but so many more that have been kept quiet’ – Tom Burnham; ‘Nicest, most humble man in sailing... don’t ever change, Doug’ – Kerry Clougher. ‘Thank you, Doug!’ – Ed Baird... and sincere apologies for using the wrong image last month!
Sailor of the Month PETER MORTON (GBR)
Winning the Quarter Ton Cup yet again was pretty good, then going on to win the Half Ton Classics two weeks later was even better. However, Morty was really nominated for the amazing job that he (and his wife) have done in resurrecting Ton Cup sailing with 33 immaculate and well-prepared Quarter Tonners on the line this year, on the 10th anniversary of the first of these spectacular revivalist regattas
Sailor of the month NATALIA BRAILOIU (ROU)
Rather like another famous helmsman, Bouwe Bekking, Brailoiu began her grand prix sailing career working the bow, before moving aft on to halyards some four years ago. Then late last year the crew of the Club Swan 42 – also named Natalia – suggested she get in some practice and have a go at helming for the Romanian-owned team. She took their advice and last month the team won the ORC European title in Class A