Master designer

Master designer

And cantankerous genius… Buying a design from Nathanael Greene Herreshoff did not earn you special treatment, as John Rousmaniere relates

Morton Plant and the schooners
The same technology and massive crews of their successful America’s Cup defenders went into the 19 big offshore schooners that the Herreshoffs built for crossing the Atlantic and racing in Europe. Fundamentally Nat did not favour the schooner rig because he thought a sloop or cutter was more efficient, but when a rich client wanted a schooner he got one, with a sail plan that yachting historian Llewellyn Howland has characterised as ‘a divided rig on steroids’. Some of those schooners are around today in their original or copied forms, and they are described well by Jacques Taglang in his 2010 book Mariette & the Herreshoff Schooners.

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